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  • Sep 27 / 2018
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Extract certificate and/or key from a PKCS12 file

The PKCS12 format is replacing the old PFX format from Microsoft. This format will allow storage of X.509 private keys and the associated public certificates in a single encrypted file.

So you can extract the key and the certificate in a single common PEM file, you can use this openssl command:

If you want to extract the key and the certificate independently, you can also use the options nocerts/nokeys along with openssl, to extract only one part:

  • Mar 29 / 2017
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MonitWeb – Architecture and security

Check instantly your infrastructure health like certificate expiration or unexpected opened ports. Stay updated with daily security feeds and get custom and automated reports.

Need further assistance for designing your architecture or get some security insights for an existing app? Get in touch with experts to get custom and complete assistance!

MonitWeb: https://www.monitweb.com

  • Jan 02 / 2017
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iTerm – Automatic mutliple panes with AppleScript

It’s often very useful to automate opening of multi panes with iTerm to execute many commands or getting access to many servers at the same time. This can be done through AppleScript.

You can copy this script and save it as multi-panes.scpt

Then, you just have to call the script directly:

And here is what you’re getting:

Feel free to add/remove/update the actions as needed!

  • Aug 17 / 2015
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Screen Website Tool – Easily perform screenshots of websites online

I’m glad to announce that I’ve just released a new version of my online tool for performing screenshots of websites.

You can find it here: https://www.bggofurther.com/screenwebsite


Thanks to this tool, you can:

  • Perform screenshots of any website in different formats (full, cropped, thumbnail)
  • Automate screenshots integration on your website thanks to API
  • Get full performance thanks to the clever cache mechanism

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share your ideas or feedback 🙂

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