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  • Jan 31 / 2014
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Android, Google Chrome

Set Chrome as default browser on Android

You have just installed Chrome on your Android device, and you now want to define it as default for your browser. Badly, you already have a browser installed on your phone which is the default browser… here are the steps to modify this:

  1. Go in the Settings of your phone
  2. In these settings, open the Applications parameters
  3. Once opened, look for the actual default browser (can be called Browser, Internet, …)
  4. Choose it, and under the Launch by default section, click on Clear defaults
  5. Go back to the Home and try to open any Internet link, the phone will now ask you which is the browser you want to use as default. You just need to choose Chrome

Voila, Chrome is now your default browser !

  • Jan 22 / 2014
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Activate developer options on your Android Device

Since Android 4.0, the developer options have disappeared from Android settings.

Actually, they have not really “disappeared”, they have just been hidden to avoid to display them for some users who would not have any usefulness in it and who could be afraid to do an error.

To enable them again, the steps to follow are really simple:

  1. Go in the General settings of Android
  2. Under System section, open the About Phone menu
  3. Tap 7 times on the Build Number (you will see a nice message displayed)
  4. The developer options are now unlocked

You can now use the developer options and use them for development and perform some applications debugging. Enjoy 😉 !

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