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Monthly Archives / June 2017

  • Jun 25 / 2017
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Check SSL certificate of an URL with openssl

You can get standard information about the certificate directly by opening a connection to a website:

Answer will be like:

But this is not giving you some interesting information like the expiration date for example! To work around that, you can simply redirect the output (certificate) to openssl and ask for some specific information:

This time, output will be:

  • Jun 14 / 2017
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Change ownership (chown) on a symbolic link

You already probably noticed that if you want to update the ownership of a symbolic link on any UNIX system, a simple chown won’t do the job.

Indeed, let’s suppose you have this:

If you’re doing a simple chown:

You can see that it changes the ownership on the target file and not on the symbolic link:

If you want to update the symbolic link, you need to use the -h or –no-dereference option to apply the changes on the symbolic link and not on the target:

Then, you can see that it’s now updated:

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