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Monthly Archives / March 2016

  • Mar 30 / 2016
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Linux, Python

Generate SHA-512 hash on command-line with Python

Need to generate the hash for a password? No need to use an online generator, totally insecure for your passwords …
This simple command will ask you which string you want to hash and will return you the result after pressing “Enter” key!

  • Mar 09 / 2016
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Define the MTU size for current network

To limit the fragmentation of packets and optimize your network, it can be necessary to find the best MTU size to set up on your interface. In order to find this best value, you can use a simple ping command.

We’re first trying with a MTU size of 1500 bytes:

We can clearly see that with the overhead, it’s sending 1528 bytes, too long for the MTU size allowed on the network (1500). Message will be fragmented.

We’re changing the value to 1472 bytes:

Right now, we can see that packets are not fragmented anymore, exactly what we were expected!

On most of Linux distributions, MTU size can be set with this command:

You can check the results with the ip addr show command:

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