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  • Sep 24 / 2014
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Google Agenda

Customize Google Agenda display (URL / HTML integration)

As you certainly know, it’s possible to easily integrate a Google Agenda to your website by using the steps described in Google support: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/41207&hl=en

When you are integrating the agenda, several parameters can be configured directly using the graphical interface available through Google Agenda. But sometimes it can happen that some options are not available using GUI (like display mode or the ability to display an agenda using specific dates).

You will find here a brief summary of what parameters can be used for Agenda integration on a website:




showTitle Show title 1/0 to display or not
showNav  Show navigation buttons 1/0 to display or not
showDate  Show date 1/0 to display or not
showPrint  Show print icons 1/0 to display or not
showTabs  Show tabs 1/0 to display or not
showCalendars  Show agendas list 1/0 to display or not
showTz  Show used timezone 1/0 to display or not
mode  Display mode WEEK/MONTH/AGENDA
wkst  Week starting 1 (Sunday) to 7 (saturday)
bgcolor  Background color HTML Color Code
color  Agenda color HTML Color Code
ctz  Timezone used Timezone name
dates Dates to display Dates to use (e.g. 20141110/20141116)

One these parameters known, you just have to configure your URL as wished by using the previous configuration options.

For example, if you’d like to integrate the France public holidays in “Week” mode for the week of November 11th, you could use:

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