• Chrome tabs and bookmarks bar became big (with Chrome 37)

    With Google Chrome 37, depending on your screen resolution, it’s possible that yout get a tabs bar and a bookmarks bar much bigger than usually.

    No worries, there is an easy and quick workaround for this!

    For that, just follow next steps:

    • Perform a right click on your Chrome shortcut and then go to Properties
    • In Target line, add these parameters at the end: /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1
    • You should now have such a line:
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1
    • You can now validate and restart Chrome

    You will find back the expected size, as you used to see!

  • Google Agenda synchronization is only working one-way (Computer to Phone)

    It can happen that while you are creating an event on your computer, this one is correctly synchronized with your smartphone few minutes later. However, the contrary doesn’t work: you are trying to create an event on your smartphone, but this one never appears on your computer … frustrating!!

    This is due to the fact that when you are creating this event on your phone (or your tablet), it’s not created on the right calendar.

    Indeed, by default, most of manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Sony, …) add their own calendar on smartphones and are enabling this agenda as the default agenda. This calendar is only existing in local on your phone and won’t be synchronized with your Google account.

    When you are creating an event, you have to check that it’s added to your Google Agenda (linked to your account) and not to this local calendar. This choice can be performed through the combo list available at the top of the event creation page (see screenshot below, the blue box).


    If you’re not doing this step, the event will so be inserted in the internal agenda (manufacturer calendar), and won’t be synchronized with your Google account.

    Here you go 😉 !