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Display local videos from PC to Chromecast

  • Jul 21 / 2014
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Google Chrome

Display local videos from PC to Chromecast

You would like to deliver some media content from your Chrome PC to your Chromecast for local videos, you can so use Plex Media Server which is now fully compatible with Chromecast!
For that, just follow the next steps:
  1. Download Plex Media Server (free) from: https://plex.tv/downloads (“Computer” version and not “NAS” if it’s for a PC usage).
  2. Install it.
  3. Perform the initial configuration and precise where your media files are located (files you could open on Chrome using  file://…/…/…/xxx.avi that you are using). Plex will automatically create the media catalog for you.
  4. If the “Plex/Web” page is not already opened on you browser, do a right click on Plex icon in the Windows notification bar and choose “Media Manager“. This will open the “Plex/Web” page in your browser.
  5. On the “Plex/Web” page in your browser, find the media you want to watch and start it.
  6. Click on Google Cast extension in Chrome (top right) when the video is starting and send it to your Chromecast.

Here you are, you can now perform video streaming of your local videos to your Chromecast!

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