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Download Flash Video Fragmented (F4F/F4M)

  • Mar 25 / 2014
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Download Flash Video Fragmented (F4F/F4M)

Today, for network usage optimization purposes, a lot of videos are streamed and sent to the users as fragmented packets instead of one file. According to Adobe, F4F file is Flash MP4 Video Fragment created and used by Adobe Media Server for HTTP Dynamic streaming like CloudFront, Akamai, … If you want to download this video, you will have to download the script file KSV (download this script on Github) and execute it on a system with php enabled (install PHP on Windows).

Once you’re on the page where video is loading, you have to look for manifest file in source code or network exchanges. This file has F4M extension, correspondig to manifest, which is the file containing the inventory of all the video fragments. It will be necessary for the script execution.

Here is an example of how the command-line should look like (you can modify the quality parameter, and you have to specify the path for manifest file, and output file):

Here are the different options you can use to customize command-line:

All the original sources are available on GitHub : https://github.com/K-S-V/

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