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Install FTP server – PureFTPd

  • Jan 26 / 2014
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Install FTP server – PureFTPd

You want to set up an FTP server on your Linux installation ?

Here are the main steps you can use to set up very quickly a reliable and secure server under BSD licence : Pure-FTPd. The commands used in this tutorial are the commands available under Ubuntu Server and can so be different depending on the distribution you are using, especially on the packages installation.

Package installation :

Group ftpgroup creation:

User ftpuser creation (linux user):

We can now create the user myuser (FTP user):

Les options sont les suivantes :

  • -u uid
  • -g gid
  • -d user home

If you want to change the user password, just use the following command-line:

Any time you perform a change or a creation of any user, you will need to re-generate the users database:

Then you can activate the authentication linked to Pure-FTPd and restart the server:

For a complete documentation, let’s go to the official PureFTPd website.

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